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Like what you see? You can support e-Sheep in four ways:

1. Good old-fashioned money.
Cash. Bread. Moola. The green, granulated power of the capitalist system -- MONEY! If you want to share yours, you can donate to e-Sheep through either PayPal or the Amazon Honor System -- just click on either of the buttons below!

PayPal takes a smaller cut from your contribution than Amazon. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, consider setting one up! It allows you to send and receive money over the 'Net, plus other benefits including an ATM card.

Amazon Honor System:
A quick and convenient way to pay if you already have an Amazon account. Also, your donation is anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

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SPECIAL BONUS!!!! Contributors of $50 or more are eligible to receive a thank-you gift of original e-Sheep artwork! (Amazon contributors who would like to take advantage of this offer: please be sure to click the "Send Info" button on the Thank You page, otherwise your donation will remain anonymous and I'll be unable to contact you.)

2. Hire me!
In my life outside of e-Sheep I'm a fully-equipped and currently unemployed freelance creative professional. If you're an employer in need of fast, hot Web design, illustration, animated character development or lawn mowing, please contact me for a copy of my resume and portfolio!

3. Buy e-Sheep merchandise.
Yes, you can now buy your own Sheep Schwag -- mugs, t-shirts, mousepads and more! Visit the Electric Sheep Retail Experience at CafePress.com.

4. Link to e-Sheep!
Broke? (It's okay, a lot of us are right now.) You can still support e-sheep by driving traffic to this site! Electric Sheep is publicized 100% by word of mouth, so telling your friends (if they like this kind of stuff) helps tremendously. If you'd like to link from your own website, feel free to use any of the badges below with a link back to e-sheep.

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Thank you!

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