the spiders

Part One: al Jihad
Page 1: Zaafira

Part Two: al Sifr
Page 1: Storming the Studio
Page 2: Qudamah

Part Three: al Djinn
Page 1: VoxPop
Page 2: The Sniper

Part Three.Five al Djinn
Page 1: Too Much Information
Page 2: Misfire
Page 3: Dark Star
Page 4: Endless Tunnels
Page 5: Mission Friction
Page 6: Hell
Page 7: Victory
Page 8: Aftermath
Page 9: al Djinn
Page 10: The Enemy
Page 11: Epilogue

Extra Scene 1: Lactation
Extra Scene 2: Pushups

Part Four: al Kahf
In Production

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And even if my brain's boiling in my skull... and milk's leaking out of my tits... and the whole time, the doctors keep telling me to my face there's nothing wrongwith me...