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  e-Sheep FAQ:     

  1. How many people work on e-sheep?
    Just me. I do the whole thing: writing, drawing, producing. I also design, code and maintain the website.

  2. How do you make a living doing this?
    I rely entirely on your contributions to keep this site alive.

  3. Are you now, or have you ever, done any print comics?
    I've done two comics for Wired magazine in the year 2003.

  4. Where are you going with this?
    In the words of Igor Stravinski, "It is too late to ask where we are going."

  5. Do you ever appear publically?
    I've spoken on panels at Comic-Con International the past few years, and at the South by Southwest Conference in 2000.

  6. Why is Electric Sheep's publishing schedule so erratic?
    If I had my druthers, Electric Sheep would be my fulltime job. As it stands, I've got to work most of my day to pay the bills, or, as is increasingly more common, spend most of the day searching for employment.

  7. How is e-Sheep created?
    Most of the comix on e-Sheep are hand drawn on with ink on paper (totally analog!) and scanned into Photoshop to be shaded and colored. All of e-Sheep is created on an Apple iMac, supplemented with a Wacom drawing tablet.

  8. What software do use?
    My workhorse is Adobe Photoshop. Also helpful is Adobe Illustrator. All 3d work is modeled and rendered in either Bryce (for landscapes and objects) or Poser (people and characters). HTML is written using BBEdit.

  9. Are you the same Patrick Farley who appeared in the movie Home Page?

  10. Do you respond to emails?
    I try, but I can't make any guarantees.
    SPAM ALERT: any email with the following phrases in the subject header will be automatically deleted:

  11. Where does the name "Electric Sheep" come from?
    It's a reference to Philip K. Dick's classic novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. (A film version of this book, titled Blade Runner, was released in 1982.)

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